got stuck in a hospital room this morning because i am an idiot who thought HEY MOTION SENSOR DOORS

i tried to pry the doors open with my bare hands before i realized the button was behind me

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Essay writing 101

  • Just bullshit a rough draft into existence and then leave it until the deadline is the next day
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wow i am a mess

first the chicken pox WHICH WAS FUCKING ABYSMAL OKAY and im still recovering from that i.e. im still have blisters everywhere so im contageous but fever is gone so thats something i guess

but now i also have a blocked ear that isnt sorting itself out with over-the-counter stuff so i need to go to the doctors but ofc SEE ABOVE im still contageous so i need to suck it up for a few more days

aaaand i have an mri schedueled soon but i hope the blisters will have gone down by then because reshedueling that will be a bitch

and of course, lets not forget about all the horrible scarring i will have after this bullshit HONESTLY WHO GETS CHICKEN POX AS AN ADULT

which means ill need to go to a skintherapist

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ahahahh h ah i ams o fucked

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i have the motherfcuking chicken pox

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