im just gonna play sims all day and pretend i dont know im missing practice yoooo~

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ive had muscle spasms in my knee for three days now ahahh aha ha

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i cant motivate myself anymore

to do anything

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okay im on a study roll so im not gonna ruin that by scrolling through tumblr rn but i just need to say this for some reason

frogs are fucking nasty ok

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So heres a new bit of information about me:

Doors are my achilles heel

Like literally its not even 9am and ive already gotten stuck inside an xray room at a hospital cause i couldnt figure out how to open the fucking door

I dont think u guys even understand i was seconds away from jumping up and down thinking there was a sensor somewhere and it didnt pick me up (Ha!)

I tried to PRY the doors open

I am so embarrassing and thank fuck there was no one else around to see that and i hope no one ever sees the security video of that

Good lord

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Essay writing 101 with Amanda

  • Just bullshit a rough draft into existence and then leave it like that until the deadline was 3 weeks ago…
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ahaha hah aha haaahah what am i doing with my life lol

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